Public Open Spaces and Play areas


Play Areas

With years of experience of dealing with local authorities and Management Companies, we can take on the management of an open space from design, installation through to maintenance and handover.

We have knowledge and experience of selecting the correct planting and area of space to coincide with our play area designs so that it encompasses all aspects of amenities.

Our management process will lead to successful adoption to our clients chosen Authority, having confidence it will cost only once to achieve the desired handover.

We can design, install and maintain your desired play space having the experience of installation of play areas for all ages from nursery age 2-4 years, reception 4-5 years, juniors 6-11 and teenagers to adult trim trails.

We can supply timber built equipment such as classic towers, slides and swings or steel built equipment which can include all of what can be found in timber systems. Sports/fitness units and Multi units are becoming very popular.  If either of these specifications do not suit, we can design and build a play area that is out of natural products such as large tree stumps and roll hills or a trim trail that can benefit all ages. 

Depending on budget and practicalities of the site, we can advise accordingly at concept stage, to ensure the play equipment meets the needs of its users and meets local authority and ROSPA standards.

We can manage the whole process from concept to handover, so once an order is placed you can leave it all to us!


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